Alexander Thomas Coffin (Long Tom)

This site is for the descendants of, Alexander Thomas Coffin, Born Nantucket Island, USA, 1813 or 1818. Son of Alexander Macy Coffin and Catherine Campbel. Whaler out of USA, Stock keeper/Sawyer in NZ. Married 1st: Mary Ainge, 24th Aug 1853, no children. Unmarried 2nd Caroline Henrietta Bathurst, Born around 1835, Greenwich, England. She moved to New Zealand 1852 (on the settler ship called the Samarang), She Died 19 October 1920 in Stratford. Buried 21 October 1920. He Died 26 July 1901 in O’Kains Bay.
1855 Alexander Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Married 1879 Sophia Dorrett Ridder. He Died 26th Oct 1935, She Died 1st Jan 1951.
1856-1856 William Henry Bathurst (Infant death)
1858 Edward James Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Un-married. Died 22nd June 1941
1860, 11th May. Henrietta Louisa Coffin, O’Kains Bay, married Robert Kean Osborn, from Jamaica b.1878
1862 Silas Augustus Bathurst, O’Kains Bay. Married Catherine Anne Phoebe Thomas. He Died 29th March 1950. She Died 13th Sept 1960. They were 1st Cousins. Her mother was Carolines sister. Silas never took on the Coffin name. His Elderly children didnt even know they were Coffins.
1864 Seth Silverneil Bathurst- Coffin, Married Harriett Elizabeth Reeve, born 20 June 1871.
1865 Philip George Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Elizabeth Peters. He Died 21st Nov 1951
1867 Alfred William Bathurst Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Ellen Martha Rix. He Died 3rd Oct 1951. She Died 20th May 1941.
1870 Richard Uridge Bathurst – Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: Eleanor Greenfield. He Died 24th July 1943
1870 Lillian Frances Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: William Alfred Reeve
1872-1872 Walter Herbert Bathurst
1873 Charles Samual Bathurst/Coffin, married Ngareta Wairoa (Start of Maori Line)
1877 Peter Coffin Bathurst. O’Kains Bay. Never Married. Died 4th Oct 1895. Killed by Accidental tree falling.

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Alexander and Sophia continued

Alex and Sophia (wedding?)

Alexander Bathurst Coffin and Sophia and children. 

Alexander and daughter May

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Alexander and Sophia Pics

Alexander and his Horse

Sophia and Alexander

Sophia and Alexander

Alexander and Sophia

Alex, Bill and Herman, their sons

Thanks Bev

Alexander Bathurst Coffin and Sophie Coffin nee Ridder

Alexander Bathurst Coffin (son of Caroline & Alexander Coffin
Born O’Kains Bay N Z 1855 D. 26-10-1935     Opunake N Z

Married Sophia Doretta Ridder 17-8-1875 Sophia died 1-1-1951  Auckland N Z .

Alexander James, Frank, May, Frederick, Christopher, Herman, Henry, Anna, Bessie.

Alexander James B 13-10-1879 O”Kains Bay  N Z. D 17-6 1970 Te Puke, buried old cemetery.

Married Esther Fowler August 1908 Tauranga.  B. 3-12-1892 Died. 19-8-1974. buried old cemetery Te Puke.

Issue   Alexander, Ivy, Myrtle Violet, Stanley, Neta, Auther, known as Joe.

Alexander  B 1908  Died 14-12- 1924. Tauranga Hospital. Buried Te Puke, old cemetery.

Ivy Esther, B. 19-6-1910 Ruawai, died 13-5-1916 Ruawai.N Z

Myrtle Sophia. B. 20-7-1911 Ruawai   Died 21-8-1989  Rotorua

Married Frederick Sydney Broad 2-7-1934 Te Puke N Z

Neil, Beverly, Delice, Janice, Kenneth, Elaine.

. Neil Frederick B 22-2 1935 Rotorua N Z

Married Edna Dyson 3-1-1962   Perth Australia, Edna died  Sept 1st 2001 Perth Australia. Buried Pinaroo cemetary Perth
Neils second marriage to Erlinda Blaines, married  June 20th 2004 daughter Shanley B.6-4- 2005       Yarnie Dawn b 29 11 2007      

 Neroli  B  8-9-1962 Perth( only child to  first marriage)
Married Roy Wyatt            Brighton  England 30-6--1999
Issue   Lewis  b. 31-5-2001 Perth Australia
            Sophia Victoria B 31-1- 2003 Perth Australia

Beverly Ann, B 23-7-1936 Rotorua N Z
 Married Laurence Loper 8-9-1962
Suzanne Gail, Brett James, Grant John,

Suzanne B. 1-8-1963             Hamilton married Roy Rennie  27th  May2006 Auckland  no issue

Brett James B. 29-11-1965     Hamilton

Grant John. B 28-8-1969        Hamilton.

Grant Married Jennifer Simokat 20-9-3003   Las Vegas America.

Delice Joy B    22-10-1939 Rotorua N Z
Married Clifton Auther Cole 1-4-1961. Rotorua     Cliff Died 4-2-1999

Issue. Anthony, Jacqueline, Amanda

Anthony Owen             B 23 –9-1961 Palmerston North
Married Rhonda Riche. 3-12-1984 Taumanui    N Z

Issue Elizabeth Ellen, B 25-7-1989 Palmerston North

Arron B 9-8-1992                        Palmerston North

Gabriel Elsie B 15-2-1994          Palmerston North

John Matthew. B  23-12-2002    Palmerston North.

Analise       born

Jacqueline B 22-10-1962

Married Lewis O’Connor 7-4-1984 Rotorua

Issue Jessica Lea, B 1-9-1984    Rotorua       Baby son Blaine B 30thJanuary  Australia father Richie ? married 2012 Taupo

Matthew  Lewis B 4-3- 1986 Rotorua

Phillipa  B 11-2-1988          Rotorua

Samuel William B   14-11-1997 Rotorua

Amanda Jane. 23-2-1971 Palmerston North

Married Nigel Griffin  11-4—1992 Rotorua.

Issue   Liam James B 4-2-1994

Brittany Lea, B 11-11-1997

Janice May Broad B 29-5-1942 Rotorua  Died 8-8-1988 Comax, Vancouver Island, Canada

Married Kenneth Tait 25-11-1963 Rotorua                  2nd marriage to MaryAnn

Angeline , Brendon James, Rachel.

Angeline,   B 26-4-1994 Rotorua

Married Michael Hope, 27 7 1985 Courtenay, Vancouver Is, Canada  2nd Marriage Chris Dolittle           Ontario Canada no issue to 2nd marriage

Issue, 1st marriage. Britany B 31-3-1987 Nova Scotia Canada.
          Steven Pierre, B 10-10-1989 Nova Scotia Canada.

Brendon   James  B  20-7-1966 Murupara Rotorua  Died 21 –7-1996 Murupara Rotorua.

Rachel Maree B 7-8-1967 Murupara Rotorua

Kenneth James  B 18-3-1944 Rotorua
Married Carol Moore  1969 Auckland   2nd marriage to Ngaire Kessle 3-7-1997 Rotorua  no issue
 Children Stephen and Paul

issue    Stephen     B 23-7-1970  Auckland    Married Diane Pederson Aug  1944 Rotorua     Divorced

Issue Daniell B 3-7-1997 Rotorua

Jimmy B 15-15- 1999      Rotorua
Son Jack born 2006 mother ?

Paul  B 6-11 1972        Rotorua

 Chontel  B 29- 9- 1998 Mother Linda      ?

Elaine Mary. B 3-6-1947     Rotorua

Married Clem James 30-3-1968 Wellington     Divorced

Issue Samanatha Lee, B  17-8-1971 Wellington      married   June  1999--- Sydney Australia
No issue     divorced    2nd marriage   Alexis Dobran Sydney  son Jake Stanley B.16th Dec 2007

Sharnell Lisa      B 27-9-1974 Wellington    Married Brett August   February 2004 Rotorua
Callin James B 21 2 2000                     Rotorua
 Kyle Robert    B 21 2 2000                  Rotorua

Violet Emily Lea  B Ruawai                            D 11-11-2001  Te Puke                         Te Puke  Cremated, ashes on mothers grave Old Cemetary Te Puke

Married Ronald Stradden Lea 6-6-1935 Te Puke  Ron B 23-10-1911  Died 27-6-1974 Te Puke. cremated
6 children   Eric, Nancy, Lorna, Alexander, Ivan,  Yvonne.

Eric Reginald Stradden   B 5-11-1937 Te Puke   Died  24-5-2002 Rotorua cremated

Defacto wife Anna 1961

Issue    Colleen B 18-1-1963 Rotorua
             Aileen  B 15-8-1967  Rotorua
             Ross     B 25-9-1970  Rotorua
             Rihanna B 15-9-1970 Rotorua

Nancy Esther B 28-11-1938

Married Edward Campny  21-1-1959 Te Puke
Issue Richard, Garry Ross,   Pauline Ann,  Elizabeth Grace,    Diane Jane,   Audea Christine.
Richard B 24-8-1959    Married Debbie Bourne  6-7-1979      Divorced  7-11-1983

  Belinda Pauline  B 5-9=1979   Te Puke.

           Leanne Christine  B 7-10-1981

Gary Ross  B 10-11-1961  Married Debra Frost  &-1-1983

Issue   Ross Spencer  B 30-4-1983

Lorna Constance Lea B 9-3-1945  Te :Puke     Married Richard Harnett  9-5-1964 Te Puke

Issue Dwayne Richard  B 22-11-1965

          Odele Darlene  B  4-2-1966  Married Donald Welsh  12-2-1994

           Vanessa Lorraine  B 28-10-1971    Married Arron Knotts  March 1993

Alexander Roland Stradden   B 6-11=1943 Te Puke     Married Patrica Ann Phelps  22-4—1961

Issue   Jan, Rex,  Scott .
 Jan B                        Married                                                    divorced

Rex   B 20-3-1964

Scott  B 18-9-1966

Ivan Glen Stradden   B 1-8-1946   Married Bernice Mary Kenny 1-8-1969 Te Puke

Issue  Stephan  Guy,  B 19-8-1969

            Shane Boyd B 12-3-1971

             Amy Jane B 21- 4- 1978       Died 23-2-1982

Ivans 2nd wife     Andrea Sharp  Married  6-1-1990
Issue     Melissa,B 22-12-1984   Rebecca Janine  B 12-9-1993

Yvonne Mira          B 18-10-1967 Te Puke         Married Ronald Stuart  Kenny 14-6-1969 Te Puke

Issue        Yolande Tressa B 30-1-1973   son Kane Oswald  Hughes B 19-9-93   Father Warren Hughes

                Natasha  Belinda B 7-10-1975

Stanley Lionel B 5-11-1916 Te Puke    Died 22-1-2004 Te Puke  Married Velma Joan Harris 1941 Te       Puke  Valma Died 29-6-1956 Te Puke
Issue    Marlene, Leila, Robyn,  Gavin.

Marlene Jane. B 14-6-1967    Married   (Ed)Roger Harvey   1969 Te Puke.

Issue         Rachel  B 24-10-1970    Hamilton
                 Kerry   B 17-7-1972        Hamilton      son Kobi Brian    B. June 2007  father Steven Harwood
                 Lance   B   19-3-1974      Hamilton        Married   Becky
                 Daughter B. March 2008 Nikla May

Leila  Irene B 21-8-1949 Te Puke       Married Alan Smith   26-4-1969  Te Puke      divorced       married Lester Weier  14-2-              Dalby Australia

Issue to first marriage     Jodi Marion , Michelle, Haley

  Second Marriage to Lester Weier       Australia  no issue

Issue to first marriage            Jodi Marion  B 1-3-1970   married Geoffery Strobl 12-10-1991   Australia
                                               Issue Morgan       B 13-1-1993
                                               Alexander B 7-5--1995-
   Michelle B  21-10 1995    Married Jamie Lawson  Toowoomba  Australia
                                              Issue Jamie Lawson B 24-7-1997

Haley B 3-9-1987     Father Phillip     Rottervell  

             Robyn Ivy B 12-10-1953          Te Puke          Married Stuart Coleman   1970 divorced
               No issue

            Second marriage to Graham Floyd, adopted Shannon Wayne   B 25-8-1979

        Gavin Stanley        B 12-3-1956 Te Puke Married Christine Hansen  1-10-1983 Te Puke

         Issue             Luke Benjamin B 13-1-1985  Te Puke

                                Matthew      B 25-5-1987       Te Puke
                                Jessica Nicole B 29-12-1988   Te Puke

                                 Nicki Jemma B

                    Neta       B 3-4-1919   Ruawai    died 13-9-1987 Te Puke
Married Jack Wood 24-5-1944   Jack died 1973  Te Puke

Issue   Judith, Alan , Mary

Judith Ann  B 6-6-1945 Te Puke      married Ray Neville   2nd marriage to Brian Dixon 1985 Hamilton no issue

Issue to 1st marriage Anna B 28-9-1965                     married Jonathon Brooks 26-10-1991 Hamilton

           Raymond  B 25-12-1967

Alan James B 2-7-1949 Te Puke   Married Maria Malligan Alan died 27-9-1990 Matamata  (suicide)

Issue  Rocky Malcom  B 4-8-1969

Vanessa        B 10—10-1969

Mary   B.                                                  married


   Auther Raymond. Known as Joe B 9-1-1923 Te Puke Died 29-9-1983 Tauranga

Married Zoe Claudine Harris   B 3-4-1924  M. 28-1-1943   Divorced              Died5-6-2003 Pukekohe  Buried Walkworth    Auckland
 Issue    Richard , Colin, David, Michael, Jeffery

 Joe’s  2nd wife  Ivy Wilson no issue Died             3rd wife Nina    ? no issue  Died

               Richard Alexander B 19-12-1945       Died  3-5- 1995      Hamilton. (Richard was murdered)
               Married 12-11-1972     Heather Joyce  Lee her B. 27-8-1948

             Issue  Brendon  Paul Alexander B 3-5-1979
                       Tracey  Elizabeth Joy        B11-8-1980
                       Nicola Dawn Lee              B 17-11-1981
                       Rachel Heather Ann         B  10-6-1983

             Colin Francis    B     23-6-1947    Married Marilyn Lorna Mawkes  16-12-1953
            2nd marriage to Diana Wilbur Smith 2-4-1988          

  Issue  Tania Gertrude  B 14-1-1973
                          Craig John       B  3-9-1975

David Auther     B    19-7-1948   married Janice Bray 6-6-1950
No issue

Michael Stanley B      1-8-1951              Married Ann Graham 31-7-1950

No issue

Jefferey Ivor B    14-5-1951            married Marjorie  Rowlands  16-5-1974  

Issue         Bruce Stuart B 1-3-1972    Marjorie had Bruce before she married Jeffery, he was over 2 years old, Jefferey adopted Bruce.

                 Delwyn   Joy      B 28-12-1975

After Zoe and Joe divorced      Zoe remarried, the boys took the Unsworth surname .            

Thank you Waka and Paddy Coffin

Alexandra Coffin          married               Caroline Bathurst

Charles Samuel Coffin married Ngareta Waiora
Pita Coffin deceased
Te Waka deceased

Charles Coffin            married         Harata Rauputu
Born June 1910                                 Born 1912
Died December 1991                         Died 1957

Hutana Coffin
Born 29/01/32
Died 8 /5/1989                  no issue

Raymond Coffin      married        Marie Neill
Born 3/3/33

Waka Coffin
Born 22/3/1934                  married        Patricia Davis

Pita Coffin                         married      Esther  Manga
Born 4/8/1935

Te Mahuta Coffin
Born 30/4/1939
Died   March 1940

Rangipare Coffin              married      Bo Raharuhi
Born 9/10/1942

Waka and Patricia  Davis
Their Children
Jeffrey Charles
Born 7/7/1962

Michael John
Born 4/6/1964
Page 2

David Te Waka
Born 4/10/1966

Alicia Edith-Rose
Born 29/8/1968

Charles Cecil
Born 10/5/1970
Died   8/8/1980

Jenny_May Esther Whakairi
Born 9/4/1974

Jeffery                  =         Agnus  Sinnelly  (Not sure of spelling)  


Michael               =           Cheymane Walker
Chay Paora
Born 12/8/1981    =          Germaine Ngarnoa      

Chay and Germaines’ Children
Born 3/9/1997
Born 26/5/2003

Michael              =              Alice Unawai

There Children
1.John Patrick       =               Kelly Pike
Their Child
Born 2//6/2008
Due to have twins next year

Page   3

3. Waka
Born 13/5/1993

4. Rangimaria
5. Kawhena
Born 10/4/2003 (twin)
6. Marley
Born 10/4/2003 (twin)
7/ Bo Henry
Born 24/6/2008

David Waka                                   =               Jan Bidios

Their Children

Born 25/5/1990 Twin
Kahlia                                           =                jessieMartin
Born 25/5/1990 Twin
Born 14/4/2011

David Samuel Alexander
Born 13/5/90

Alicia                                             = Wayne Fraser
Their Children
Born 13/5/1998
Born 20/3/2008
Jenny-May Coffin = Douglas Norton

No issue

Alexander J Coffin and Esther Coffin nee Fowler

60th wedding

50th wedding

Thanks for these pics Bev

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Tribute to those who have done the work.

I would like to thank the people who have put together so much of the family history. Without the suitcase mum had with the items Bev, Shirley, Daphney and Uncles and Aunties (also the things mum had collected herself) my interest would not have built as great as it has. Now with the Book Pam gave me to use done by her late husband Kenneth Treanor I have a lot of information to get through.
Also Waka and Paddy Coffin, Jan, and the ongoing help that Bev has given me, this site will be the most informative Coffin family site it can be.
I am aware that the work those who did before my time was harder, more foot work postage and photo copies. Now I often just have to look up a name and somethings comes up online.
I Take great care a respect to put this information together. We are lucky to have a rich historical family, that has carried on into this country. The stories are sad at times but each has shown me great character that my ancestors had. They were pioneers, war heroes, hard working salt of the land type people. They had their fare share of bad luck, loss and hardship. But they were often well known and highly thought of in their communities.
Doing this, I will do my best to make it interesting. I want it to be full of information and also images and stories. Kenneth has shown me how to do that with his work. I wish I could have met him and talked about it..


Tristram Coffin until us.(draft, work in progress)

Generation Fourteen

Tristam Coffin - Brixton England, Salsbury, Newbury, Nantucket Mass Jan 4 1628, Will of his Uncle John (proved Apr. 3 1628) He makes Tristam an executor and gives legacies to Tristams sisters. 1642 - He and his wife, five children, two sisters and his mother, sailed from England this year and at first made settlement at Salisbury Mass. His brother John had before this died at Plymouth Fort England. Nov. 15 1642 - He, with others, received a deed from Passaquo and Saggahew, of their lands at Petucket (Haverhill) several miles square for the sum 3 pounds 10 s. The Indians made their mark by representations of bows and arrows, 1644 - He ' is allowed to keep an Ordinary, sell wine and keep a ferry on the Newbury side', ect (Merrimack River) Dec 26 1647 - same order passed. He had the Newbury side and George Carr the Salisbury side. Sept 1653 - His wife, Dionis was presented for selling beer at his ordinary for 3 pence a quart. She proved upon testimony that she put 6 bushels of malt into the hogshead, and she was accordingly discharged. The law provided that inkeepers should, 'always be provided with good wholesome beer of 4 bushels of malt to the hogshead' to be sold not above 2 pence per quart, under penalty of 40 shillings for the first offense and loss of license for the next. As Dionis kept the proportion good she was not li able for the fine. Haverhill, Newbury, and Salisbury were successively habitations of Tristam until he went to Nantucket. July 2 1659 - He and eight others received the deed to Nantucket from Thomas Mayhew for 30 pounds, 'and also 2 beaver hatts, one for myself, and one for my wife.'as Mayhew declares in his deed. The latter retained a share in the island. Oct 10 1659 - He and sons Peter, Tristam Jr and James bought Tiuckemut Island for 6 pounds from Thomas Mayhew. July 15 1661 - He had his house lot laid out un a meeting of proprietors of 60 rods square, at Cappamet Harbor. *June 29 1671 - Appointed Chief Magistrate of Nantucket by Gov Lovelace of New York. The same date, he and others received a deed from Wanackmamack head Sachem of Nantucket of lands and privileges for 40 pounds. Sept 9 1677 - Appointed Chief Magistrate of Nantucket by Edmund Andros Governor Andros. The same year he conveyed to son Stephen, a house and a large amount of real estate; his son on his part to 'be helpful to me and his mother in our old age and sickn ess what he can ' To his daughter Mary and her husband Nathaniel Starbuck, he had deeded half of his estate some years previously; but acknowledged this year. The following year he gave his son John a new dwelling house, and to each grandchild 10 acres to plant upon the island of Tuckernuck. Nov 29 1681 - Administrration granted on his estate to sons John, James, Stephen; they giving a bond of 100 pounds. Aug 8 1682 - Inventory presented, the Court ordered use of the estate to his widow, for her life. This family was Tristram and Dionis Coffyn from Devon, England. The civil war in England at the time forced Tristram to come to America in 1642. He was a royalist. A planter, Tristram and his family arrived in Newburyport in late summer 1642 having sailed on the 'Hector' owned by Robert Clement out of Plymouth.  He was a blacksmith in Haverhill with his son John for a while until his death. He always spelled his name Coffyn.
He married Dionis Stevens (1609-1676) in 1630. Pioneer of Nantucket with his wife, mother and two unmarried sisters. He was considered by many as the Patriarch of Nantucket with most people who come from the Island can trace their lineage back to him.
Children of Tristam Coffin and Dionis Stevens were as follows:
Elizabeth “, born in England; Married Capt. Stephen Greenleaf, son of Edmund and Sarah. Did not move to Nantucket.
1631-1715 Peter Coffin, born in England; married Abigail Starbuck, daughter of Edward and Katherine. He only lived in Nantucket for a brief residence.
1632 Tristram “, Born in England. He did not move to Nantucket. Married widow of Henry Somerby.
1640-1720 James “;married Mary Severance (1645-1720) (see below)
1645 Mary, born in Haverhill, 20 Feb, 1645; married Nathaniel Starbuck, son of Edward and Katherine.
1647 John, born in Haverhill 30 Oct, 1647; married Deborah Austin, daughter of Joseph and Sarah.
(1652-1734) Stephen; married Apphia Dole, daughter of Richard Dole and Hannah Rolfe; born 11 May 1652 at Newbury, Mass; married Mary Bunker, daughter of George Bunker and Jane Godfrey, 1668; died 18 May  at Nantucket at age 82.
John, born in England and died as an infant.
1642 Deborah, born in Haverhill, 15 Nov, died the same year.

Generation Fifteen

James Coffin born in England 12 August 1640; married (3dec, 1663) to Mary Severance, daughter of John and Abigail.
1665 Mary “;married-1st Richard Pinkham who Died in Nantucket, and second James Gardner, son of Richard and Sarah.
James “, born in Dover; married 1st Love Gardner, daughter of Richard and Sarah, and second Ruth Gardner, daughter of John and Priscilla.
1666 Nathaniel “ (see below)
John “, born in Nantucket; married Hope Gardner, daughter of Richard and Sarah.
Dinah “, born in Nantucket; married Nathaniel Starbuck Jnr, son of Nathaniel and Mary.
Deborah “, born in Nantucket; married George Bunker, son of William and Mary.
1678 Ebenezer “, born in Nantucket, 30 March, 1678; married Eleanor Barnard, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary.
1679 Joseph “, born in Nantucket, 4 Feb, 1679; married Bethiah Macy, daughter of John and Deborah.
-1769 Elizabeth “, born in Nantucket; married 1st, Jonathan Bunker, son of William and Mary; second, Thomas Clark.
1683 Benjamin “, born in Nantucket, 28 Aug 1683; lost over board between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.
-1748 Ruth “, born in Nantucket; married Joseph Gardner, son of Richard and Mary.
-1709 Abigail “, born in Nantucket; married Nathaniel Gardner, son of Richard and Mary.
Experience “, died as a child.
1692 Jonathan, born in Nantucket 28 Aug, 1692; married Hephzibah Harker, daughter of Ebenezer.

Generation Sixteen

1666-1721 Nathaniel Coffin, born in Dover; married Damaria Geyer (1655-1696) in 1692 daughter of William Gayer (1647-1710) and Dorcas Starbuck (1630-1696)
1693-1778 Dorcas Coffin (Male)
1693-1749 Lydia “
1699-1744 William “
1702-1772 Charles “
1705-1780 Benjaman “ (see below)
1706-1769 Christian “ (Female)
1709-1777 Gayer “
1711-1800 Nathaniel “
1715-1798 Catherine “

Generation Seventeen

1705-1780 Benjaman Coffin, of Nantucket; married (wife 1)Jededah Hussey (1708-1759) daughter of Batcheldor Hussey and Abigail Hall (1680-1751).
1727-1804 Reuben Coffin
1729-1804 Nathaniel “
1730-1816 William “ (see below)
1732-1789 Benjamin “
1734-1827 Micajah “
1736-1748 Abigail “
1738-1739 Joseph “
1740-1836 Anna “
1742-1816 Seth “
1744-1828 Paul “
1746-1825 Elihu “
1749-1749 Isaiah “
1750-1816 Abraham “
1753-1755 Abner “

(2nd Wife)1726-1803 Deborah Macy, daughter of Thomas Macy and Deborah Coffin
1763-1763 un-named child
1764-1842 Isaac "
1766-1855 Thomas "
1768-1808 Deborah “

Generation Eighteen

1730-1816 Capt William Coffin of Nantucket; married (1st wife) Hephzibeth Barney (1737-1769) daughter of Benjamin Barney (1699-1783) and Lydia Starbuck (1704-1751).
1759 William ? "
1760-1815 Hepsabah “
1762-1804 Sarah “
1764-1828 Jacob “
1766-1819 Albert " (see below)
1768-1828 Griffin "

(2nd wife) Lydia Gardner b.30 sep 1744, daughter of Zaccheus Gardner and Jemima Coffin
1770 Gideon “
1773 Benjamin "
1774 Lydia "

(3rd wife) Elisabeth Macy, b. 3 Jan 1736, d. 18 Jun 1790, daughter of Robert Macy and Abigail Barnard

Generation Nineteen

1766-1819 Albert Coffin; married Mary Fay (1770-1849) Daughter of James and Polly Fay (Both 1740)
1787-1863 William Coffin
1789-1864 Thomas “
1791-1821 Alexander Macy “ (see below)
1796-1882 Elisah Folger “
1798 Lydia “
1801-1878 Charles Griffin “
1803-James Barker “
1814c Mary Ann "
1809-Fredric Winslow "

Generation Twenty 

1791 Capt Alexander Macy Coffin of Nantucket, married Catherine Campbell (1793-1823)

Generation Twenty One

1813 Alexander Thomas Coffin, Born Nantucket Island, USA, 1813 or 1818. Whaler out of USA, Stock keeper/Sawyer in NZ. Married 1st: Mary Ainge, 24th Aug 1853, no children. unMarried 2nd Caroline Henrietta Bathurst, Born around 1835, Greenwich, England. She moved to New Zealand around 1852, She Died 19 October 1920 in Stratford. Buried 21 October 1920. He Died 26 July 1901 in O’Kains Bay.
1855 Alexander Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Married 1879 Sophia Dorrett Ridder. He Died 26th Oct 1935, She Died 1st Jan 1951.
1856-1856 William Henry Bathurst (Infant death)
1858 Edward James Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Un-married. Died 22nd June 1941
1860, 11th May. Henrietta Louisa Coffin, O’Kains Bay, married Robert Kean Osborn, from Jamaica b.1878
1862 Silas Augustus Bathurst, O’Kains Bay. Married Catherine Anne Phoebe Thomas. He Died 29th March 1950. She Died 13th Sept 1960. They were 1st Cousins. Her mother was Carolines sister. Silas never took on the Coffin name. His Elderly children didnt even know they were Coffins.
1864 Seth Silverneil Bathurst- Coffin, Married Harriett Elizabeth Reeve, born 20 June 1871.
1865 Philip George Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Elizabeth Peters. He Died 21st Nov 1951
1867 Alfred William Bathurst Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Ellen Martha Rix. He Died 3rd Oct 1951. She Died 20th May 1941.
1870 Richard Uridge Bathurst – Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: Eleanor Greenfield. He Died 24th July 1943
1870 Lillian Frances Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: William Alfred Reeve
1872-1872 Walter Herbert Bathurst
1873 Charles Samual Bathurst/Coffin, married Ngareta Wairoa (Start of Maori Line)
1877 Peter Coffin Bathurst. O’Kains Bay. Never Married. Died 4th Oct 1895. Killed by Accidental tree falling.

Medieval line before Tristram's move to USA

"The Coffin Family may be traced back to William called the Conqueror, who was King of England. In his army he had a General by the name of Coffin. After the conquest he gave an estate to General Coffin, which was entailed and at this; time it is held by a descendant by the name of Coffin, in the town of Rrixam (Brixham) in the county of Devonshire, England." (From a latter record)

1066, Sir Richard Coffin: Our First Recorded Ancestor. Like all the Nobility of Normandy he would have been of Scandinavian decent. The Vikings were settling in Normandy around the 800’s AD through conquest, they were given the “Duchy of Normandy” by the French King “Charles the Simple” as a defense against other Viking Armies. The First “Duke of Normandy” was Hrolf or Rollo 911AD (an ancestor of “William the Conqueror”).
Sir Richard fought as a General for “William the Conqueror” (formally “William the Bastard”) at the Battle of Hastings, during the Norman invasion of England and Williams successful claim for the English Crown.

"Sir Richards Estate in Normandy was called Courtition, near Falaise which is 20 Miles south of Caen a Large City near the coast. About Half way between La Havre and Cherbourg (this estate stayed in French Coffin hands until 1796, "the present owner, Mons. Le Clerc, being the grandson of the last of that line of Coffins, she having in 1796 married a Le Clerc. The Normandy home and the ancient Portledge manor house ( which in part has existed for centuries ) must ever be object of great interest to the American Branch".

His land “Gifted” in England for his valuable service to the new King was the Estate of the Manor of Alwington a few miles from Bideford, Devonshire southwestern England.
Coffins are also in the Williams “Doomsday book” (1080) as current inhabitants of England, probably settlers from France at an earlier date. The Coffins spread out to Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Cornwall. By 1252 the name in its different forms (Colvin, Corvin, Cophen and Coffyn) are frequently found in records. The name is disputed in its origins. Welsh “Coffyn” meaning hill top boundary, English and French: metonymic occupational name for a basket maker, from Old French cof(f)in ‘basket’ (Late Latin cophinus, Greek kophinos). The modern English word coffin is a specialized development of this term, not attested until the 16th century.
 and the most likely to me is the meaning of “Coffer” or treasure box.

Some of the Recorded Coffins.
1154-1189 Sir Richard Coffin under the Reign of King Henry II
1199-1216 Sir Elias Coffin during King Johns Reign
1216-1272 Sir Jeffrey Coffin and Combe Coffin – King Henry III
1307-1327 Sir Richard Coffin – King Edward II
1399-1413 Sir Richard Coffin – King Henry IV
1509-1547     Sir William Coffin – King Henry VIII, “Sheriff of Devonshire”, “Master of the Horse” For the Queens Coronation. One of 18 men who accompanied the King to a Tournament in France. When he died his estate was large and he even left his prize Hawks and Horses to the King. He left land to his two nephews one was Sir Richard of Portledge who received the Manor of East Higgington, Devonshire.

Direct Line
The medieval part is disputed through to Tristram of Nantucket’s own Family.

Generation One
circa 1280, Richard Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England.

Generation Two
circa 1301, John Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England.

Generation Three
 circa 1332, David Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England. He married Thomasin (  ?  ) circa 1361. He died after 1370.

Generation Four
circa 1361, David Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England.

Generation Five
circa 1392, John Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England. He married Thomasin Hartley in 1406 at Alwington, Devonshire, England. He died in 1427.

Generation Six
circa 1420, William Coffyn was born  at Alwington, Devonshire, England. He married Margaret Cockworthy Giffard circa 1453 at Alwington, Devonshire, England. He died on 11 Sep 1486.

Generation Seven
circa 1425, Richard Coffyn was born  at Portledge, Devonshire, England. He married Alice Gambon, daughter of John Gambon, in 1462 at Merston, Shropshire, England.
Children of Richard7 Coffyn and Alice Gambon were:

Generation Eight
1450, John Coffyn was born   at Portledge, Devonshire, England. He married Phillippa Elizabeth Hingston, daughter of Philip Hingston, in 1496. He died on 15 Dec 1566 at Devonshire, England.

Generation Nine
circa 1475 Richard Coffyn was born  at Portledge Manor, Brixton, Devon, England. He married Wilmont Chudleigh, daughter of Sir Richard Chudleigh (1468-1535)son of Sir Knight William Chudleigh (1445-1515) and Joan Hody (1446) and her mother Maria Wadham (1470-1535) daughter of Sir Nicholas Wadham (1444) and Jan Hill (1452), in 1510 at Merifield, Cornwall, England. He died on 24 Dec 1555 at Alwington, Devon, England.

Generation Ten
1514, James Coffyn was born at Portledge Manor, Brixton, Devon, England. He married Mary Cole (1513) in 1534. He died on 15 Dec 1566.

Generation Eleven
1535, Peter Coffin was born  at Portledge Manor, Brixton, Devon, England. He married Mary Boscawen, daughter of Hugh Boscawen and Phillippa Carminowe, in 1560. He died on 8 Oct 1613 at Portledge Manor, Brixton, Devon, England.
Children of Peter11 Coffin and Mary Boscawen were as follows:
1560 Nicholas, born  at Chateau Courtiton, Fallaise; married Joan Advant. (see bellow)
1563-1602 Tristram Coffin

Generation Twelve
1560-1613, Nicholas Coffin - Brixton, Devonshire England The name in early times was written Coffyn was born in 1560 at Chateau Courtiton, Fallaise.
He married Joan Advant (1550)daughter of John Advant (1522-1554) son of John Advent Dudley (1490) and Jane Guildford (1504-1555), her mother Anne Seymour (1529-1588) daughter of Sir Edward Seymour (1506-1552) 1st Duke of Summerset and the Earl of Herford and Anne Stanhute (1497-1536)in 1580 at Butlers, Brixton, Devon, England. He died in 1613 at Brixton, Devonshire, England.

Children of Nicholas Coffin and Joan Advant were as follows:
(1582-1610) John
(1582-1627) Nicholas.
(1584)Peter, born at Brixton, Devon, England; married Joan Kember (Thember)(1578-1661). (see bellow)
(1585-1627) John
(1588) Ann; married Thomas Wynston,
(1590) Joan

Generation Thirteen
Dec 1 1627, Peter Coffin - Brixton England, will proved Mar 13 1628, To Joan, land during her life, and at her decease to go to his son and heir Tristam, 'who is to be provided for according to his degree and calling'. To son John certain property when 20 years of age. mentions daughters, Joan, Deborah, Eunice, Mary. He refers to tenement in Butlers parish called Silverhay. *May 1661- His widow Joan died in Boston Mass. The Rev. Mr. Wilson who preached the funeral sermon spoke of her as a woman of remarkable character. One Hundred Sixty Allied Families by John 0. Austin ** was born in 1584 at Brixton, Devon, England. He married Joan Kember, daughter of Robert Kember and Anne (  ?  ), in 1604 at Brixton, Devon, England. He died in 1628.

Children of Peter Coffin and Joan Kember were as follows:
(1605-1688) Christian; married Thomas Davis.
(1609-1681)Tristam, born at Plymouth, Devonshire, England; married Dionis Stevens. (see bellow)
(1611-1681) Joan; married Joseph Hull; born at Brixton, Devonshire England.
(1616) Deborah; born at Brixton, Devonshire, England; married William Stevens, son of Robert Stevens and Dionis (  ?  ), 25 Jun 1640 at England.
(1617-1648) Eunice; born at Brixton, Devonshire, England; married William Butler after 1642.
(1619) Mary, born at Brixton, Devonshire, England; married Alexander Adams.
(1625)John; born at England; died 1642 at Plymouth Fort.

Coffins in the Military

There are records of members of the family in various wars throughout history: General John Pine-Coffin was the officer commanding the troops guarding Napoleon Bonaparte on St Helena. Major John Edward PineCoffin served during the Boer War from 1900. He was mentioned in dispatches many times and was awarded the DSO. During the First World War Major-General Clifford Coffin (1870-1959) was awarded the Victoria Cross.

He was 47 years old, and a Temporary Brigadier General in the Corps of Royal Engineers, British Army, Commander 25th Infantry Brigade during the First World War. On 31 July 1917 in Westhoek, Belgium, when his command was held up in attack owing to heavy machine-gun and rifle fire, Brigadier-General Coffin went forward and made an inspection of his front posts. Although under the heaviest fire from both machine-guns and rifles and in full view of the enemy, he showed an utter disregard of personal danger, walking quietly from shell-hole to shellhole, giving advice and cheering his men by his presence. His gallant conduct had the greatest effect on all ranks and it was largely owing to his personal courage and example that the shell-hole line was held.

After the war he commanded a brigade in the Rhine Army of Occupation, and between 1920 and 1924 commanded all British troops in Ceylon. He retired in 1924, and for most of the next thirty-five years devoted himself to working for ex-servicemen’s causes. He passed away a week short of his 89th birthday at Torquay. His medals, including the VC, DSO and Bar, French Croix de Guerre and Belgian Order of the Crown, are on display at the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.

As mentioned, J. E. Pine-Coffin served with distinction during the Boer War. His sons came to prominence during the Second World War.

Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Pine-Coffin, served in the Far East but was captured by the Japanese when Singapore fell in February 1942. Fortunately, unlike many of his fellow servicemen, he survived the appalling experience of life as a prisoner of war. Claude’s younger brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Geoffrey Pine-Coffin MC, was amongst the more experienced battalion commanders in the 6th Airborne Division, having transferred out of the Devonshire Regiment to join the 2nd Parachute Battalion at the time of their formation in late 1941, before being transferred to the 3rd Battalion as Second-inCommand. He was later given command of this Battalion and led them throughout the heavy fighting of the Tunisian campaign, from November 1942 to April 1943.

When the 1st Parachute Brigade sailed to North Africa in late 1942, the 3rd Battalion was flown on ahead to Gibraltar in preparation for an operation to capture the airfield at Bone, in Tunisia. The drop took place during the early morning of the 12th November and the airfield was soon in the hands of the Battalion. A formation of German paratroopers had been ordered to carry out the same operation, however when they realised that the British had beaten them to it they returned to their own airfield.

The 3rd Battalion was soon attacked by Stuka dive-bombers but this marked the only resistance to their occupation of the airfield, and several days later they were relieved. Over the following months, fighting as ordinary front-line infantry at Bou Arada and the prolonged Battle of Tamera, the Parachute Regiment earned the respect of Allies and enemy alike for their excellent fighting ability. For his performance throughout the campaign, Lieutenant-Colonel Pine-Coffin was awarded the Military Cross: Lt-Col Trenchard John Pine Coffin (1921-2006), Claude’s son, followed the flag in Burma.

During his 28 years with the Parachute Regiment, Pine-Coffin served with all three battalions and in 1961 took command of 1st Parachute Battalion. His parachuting career was brought to a premature end when he landed in the dark on a tractor and broke several bones in his feet. A series of staff appointments followed. In 1963 he was in Nassau when he was ordered to investigate a party of Cuban exiles that had infiltrated Andros Island, part of the Bahamas. His seaplane landed in thick mud and Pine-Coffin decided that his only chance of reaching dry land was to strip off.

On coming ashore, plastered in mud and wearing only a red beret and a pair of flippers, he was confronted by a party of armed Cubans. Mustering as much authority as he could in the circumstances, he informed the group that they were trespassing on British sovereign territory and were surrounded.

The following morning, when the Royal Marines arrived to rescue him they were astonished to find him and his radio operator in a clearing standing guard over the Cubans and a pile of surrendered weapons. He was appointed OBE.

Tristram Coffin

Birth: Mar. 11, 1609, England
Death: Oct. 2, 1681
Nantucket County
Massachusetts, USA

Church warden, constable, commissioner, colonist, founder of Nantucket Island, first chief magistrate of the Nantucket colony, governor of Nantucket in 1671 and 1677. He was born in Brixton parish near Plymouth, Devonshire, England in 1609. He was the oldest child of Peter Coffin and Joanna Kember. He married Dionis Stevens in 1630.

Their children were:

i. Peter Coffin, baptized July 18, 1630 at Brixton
ii. Tristram Coffin, b. abt. 1632 in England
iii. Elizabeth Coffin b. in England
iv. James Coffin, b. Aug. 12, 1639 in Brixton parish
v. John Coffin, b. in England
vi. Deborah Coffin, b. Nov. 15, 1642 at Haverhill, MA
vii. Mary Coffin, b. Feb. 20, 1645 at Haverhill, MA
vii. John Coffin, b. Oct. 30, 1647 at Haverhill, MA
ix. Stephen Coffin, b. May 11, 1652 at Newbury, MA

He was a church warden in Brixton in 1639-40 and a constable in 1641. In 1642, he and his family came to America and settled in Newburyport, Massachussetts. He negotiated with the American Indians for some land and moved his family to what is now Haverill, Massachusetts. He was the first white settler to plow land with a plow he had made with his own hands. After farming for a few years, he moved back to Newburyport, where he operated a ferry and kept Coffyn's Ordinary, a tavern and inn managed by his wife. In the 1650's, he sold his property and moved to Salisbury, where he became Commissioner.

In the late 1650's, he and a few others purchased Nantucket island from Thomas Mayhew for the price of 30 pounds and two beaver hats, which were made by his son Tristram Jr. Among the eight original owners of Nantucket island, he became the most prominent. He was granted first choice of land and in 1659, he settled on the eastern slope of what is now called Trott's Hills, near Capaum pond, toward the western end if the island. He was a leader among the first settlers and was often asked by other inhabitants to transact important public business. He and Thomas Macy were the spokesmen for the settlement and were selected by the settlers go to New York and meet with Governor Lovelace and secure their claim to the Island in 1671. His letters to the Colonial Government of New York are preserved in the Archives of the Department of State at Albany. He built a corn mill and employed many Native Americans who were the aboriginal inhabitants of the island.

In 1671, he was appointed governor of Nantucket, serving again in that office from 1674 to 1680. He died the following year and was buried on Nantucket Island on the private property he purchased in 1659 (at Trott's Hills, near Capaum pond, toward the western end if the island.) According to the Nantucket Historical Society, the grave is unmarked and its exact location has been lost over the years.

A monument was erected to honor the founders of Nantucket island in 1881. The monument is located in the Nantucket Founders Cemetery (also referred to as the First Settlers' Burial Ground and the Forefathers' Cemetery). The Founders Cemetery is a small plot of land located off Cliff Road and overlooking Maxcey's Pond.

While none of the founders are actually buried in the cemetery, the monument bears the names of the founders and the location is open to the public. Tristram's name is inscribed on the monument as "1609 - Tristram Coffin - 1681." (bio by: Cindy K. Coffin)
(bio by: Cindy K. Coffin)

Family links:
Dionis Stevens Coffin (1610 - 1676)*

Peter Coffin (1630 - 1715)*
Tristam Coffin (1631 - 1703)*
Elizabeth Coffin Greenleaf (1634 - 1678)*
John Tristram Coffin (1647 - 1711)*
Stephen Coffin (1652 - ____)*

Sir William Coffin 1495

One of the most celebrated men of the family was Sir William Coffin. Born about 1495, younger brother of Richard Coffin, lord of the manor of Alwington and High Sheriff of Devon in the late 15th century. T.L. Pridham’s Devonshire Celebrities records the following curious story about Sir William Coffin:

Sir William Coffin was on one occasion passing Bideford churchyard, and seeing a number of people standing idle, he inquired the reason, and was told that the corpse of a man had been brought there to be interred, and the mourners were all assembled, but the priest had refused to read the burial service, as the friends of the deceased would not render up the dead man’s cow, which was the only property that was left, out of which to pay the priest’s fee or mortuary. On hearing this, Sir William sent for the priest, and required him to perform the duties of his office, which on his still refusing to do, Sir William ordered the sexton and others to place him in the new-made grave, and bury him instead of the corpse; but the priest, preferring life to such a kind of death, repented ere it was too late, though not until the threat had been in a great measure carried out. This act of Sir William’s might have proved of serious consequences to himself, for in those days such an offence against a priest would be looked upon as most culpable, and might have cost any other man his life. As it was, the circumstance was made known to the king (Henry VIII), and Sir William was summoned before parliament. However, the interest which he possessed in the House, and the favour he was in at court, saved him from punishment, and, seizing the opportunity to draw the attention of parliament to the mischievous consequences of the priests’ arbitrary demand of mortuaries, he begged parliament to take the matter into serious consideration, and so diverted the storm which he had expected would have fallen on his own head. An act was soon passed which put a stop to such disgraceful practices, and limited, on favour of the poor, the extent to which such demands could be carried.”

William joined Henry VIII’s household about 1515, and took part, as a gentleman of the privy chamber, in the tournament between Henry VIII and the French King held at Guisnes in 1519. The following year William accompanied the King to the ‘Field of the Cloth of Gold’ where he appears to have been chosen by Henry VIII as one of the champions in those celebrated tournaments..

He was Master of the Horse at the coronation of Anne Boleyn in 1533.

On 18 Oct 1537 William Coffin was knighted, having by then become steward not only of Queen Jane’s manor and liberties of Standon in Hertfordshire, but also (in 1535) of Hitchin, another royal manor in the same county. In that capacity, it was his duty on 17 Oct 1538 to receive the surrender to the Crown of the priory of Hitchin from the Prior and his brethren.

But within two months, on 8 Dec 1538, Sir William died of the plague. His widow wrote from Standon to the King’s chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, asking him to inform the King that her husband had “died of the great sickness, full of God's marks all over his body”, and begging Cromwell to let her know how she and her servants now stood.

At Sir William Coffin's death, it was found that he had bequeathed his best horses and a cast of his best hawks to his master, the king. The bulk of his large estates he bequeathed to his elder brother’s son, Richard Coffin. He died in the year 1538, and was buried at Standon, in Hertfordshire, of which place he had been High Steward.

He is commemorated by an inscription on a slab at the foot of the chancel steps. (Prior to the church's restoration in 1864, this slab had been in the centre of the chancel immediately above the steps). The inscription reads:

Here lies William Coffin, Knight, sometime of the privy chamber with his sovereign Lord King Henry the eighth, Master of the Horse unto queen Jane the most lawful wife unto the aforesaid King Henry the eighth, and high steward of all the liberty [and] manor of Standon in the county of Hertford, which William deceased the eighth day of december Anno domini 1538, [in] the thirtieth year of the reign of King Henry the eighth.”