Alexander Thomas Coffin (Long Tom)

This site is for the descendants of, Alexander Thomas Coffin, Born Nantucket Island, USA, 1813 or 1818. Son of Alexander Macy Coffin and Catherine Campbel. Whaler out of USA, Stock keeper/Sawyer in NZ. Married 1st: Mary Ainge, 24th Aug 1853, no children. Unmarried 2nd Caroline Henrietta Bathurst, Born around 1835, Greenwich, England. She moved to New Zealand 1852 (on the settler ship called the Samarang), She Died 19 October 1920 in Stratford. Buried 21 October 1920. He Died 26 July 1901 in O’Kains Bay.
1855 Alexander Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Married 1879 Sophia Dorrett Ridder. He Died 26th Oct 1935, She Died 1st Jan 1951.
1856-1856 William Henry Bathurst (Infant death)
1858 Edward James Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Un-married. Died 22nd June 1941
1860, 11th May. Henrietta Louisa Coffin, O’Kains Bay, married Robert Kean Osborn, from Jamaica b.1878
1862 Silas Augustus Bathurst, O’Kains Bay. Married Catherine Anne Phoebe Thomas. He Died 29th March 1950. She Died 13th Sept 1960. They were 1st Cousins. Her mother was Carolines sister. Silas never took on the Coffin name. His Elderly children didnt even know they were Coffins.
1864 Seth Silverneil Bathurst- Coffin, Married Harriett Elizabeth Reeve, born 20 June 1871.
1865 Philip George Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Elizabeth Peters. He Died 21st Nov 1951
1867 Alfred William Bathurst Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Ellen Martha Rix. He Died 3rd Oct 1951. She Died 20th May 1941.
1870 Richard Uridge Bathurst – Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: Eleanor Greenfield. He Died 24th July 1943
1870 Lillian Frances Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: William Alfred Reeve
1872-1872 Walter Herbert Bathurst
1873 Charles Samual Bathurst/Coffin, married Ngareta Wairoa (Start of Maori Line)
1877 Peter Coffin Bathurst. O’Kains Bay. Never Married. Died 4th Oct 1895. Killed by Accidental tree falling.

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Alexander Bathurst Coffin and Sophie Coffin nee Ridder

Alexander Bathurst Coffin (son of Caroline & Alexander Coffin
Born O’Kains Bay N Z 1855 D. 26-10-1935     Opunake N Z

Married Sophia Doretta Ridder 17-8-1875 Sophia died 1-1-1951  Auckland N Z .

Alexander James, Frank, May, Frederick, Christopher, Herman, Henry, Anna, Bessie.

Alexander James B 13-10-1879 O”Kains Bay  N Z. D 17-6 1970 Te Puke, buried old cemetery.

Married Esther Fowler August 1908 Tauranga.  B. 3-12-1892 Died. 19-8-1974. buried old cemetery Te Puke.

Issue   Alexander, Ivy, Myrtle Violet, Stanley, Neta, Auther, known as Joe.

Alexander  B 1908  Died 14-12- 1924. Tauranga Hospital. Buried Te Puke, old cemetery.

Ivy Esther, B. 19-6-1910 Ruawai, died 13-5-1916 Ruawai.N Z

Myrtle Sophia. B. 20-7-1911 Ruawai   Died 21-8-1989  Rotorua

Married Frederick Sydney Broad 2-7-1934 Te Puke N Z

Neil, Beverly, Delice, Janice, Kenneth, Elaine.

. Neil Frederick B 22-2 1935 Rotorua N Z

Married Edna Dyson 3-1-1962   Perth Australia, Edna died  Sept 1st 2001 Perth Australia. Buried Pinaroo cemetary Perth
Neils second marriage to Erlinda Blaines, married  June 20th 2004 daughter Shanley B.6-4- 2005       Yarnie Dawn b 29 11 2007      

 Neroli  B  8-9-1962 Perth( only child to  first marriage)
Married Roy Wyatt            Brighton  England 30-6--1999
Issue   Lewis  b. 31-5-2001 Perth Australia
            Sophia Victoria B 31-1- 2003 Perth Australia

Beverly Ann, B 23-7-1936 Rotorua N Z
 Married Laurence Loper 8-9-1962
Suzanne Gail, Brett James, Grant John,

Suzanne B. 1-8-1963             Hamilton married Roy Rennie  27th  May2006 Auckland  no issue

Brett James B. 29-11-1965     Hamilton

Grant John. B 28-8-1969        Hamilton.

Grant Married Jennifer Simokat 20-9-3003   Las Vegas America.

Delice Joy B    22-10-1939 Rotorua N Z
Married Clifton Auther Cole 1-4-1961. Rotorua     Cliff Died 4-2-1999

Issue. Anthony, Jacqueline, Amanda

Anthony Owen             B 23 –9-1961 Palmerston North
Married Rhonda Riche. 3-12-1984 Taumanui    N Z

Issue Elizabeth Ellen, B 25-7-1989 Palmerston North

Arron B 9-8-1992                        Palmerston North

Gabriel Elsie B 15-2-1994          Palmerston North

John Matthew. B  23-12-2002    Palmerston North.

Analise       born

Jacqueline B 22-10-1962

Married Lewis O’Connor 7-4-1984 Rotorua

Issue Jessica Lea, B 1-9-1984    Rotorua       Baby son Blaine B 30thJanuary  Australia father Richie ? married 2012 Taupo

Matthew  Lewis B 4-3- 1986 Rotorua

Phillipa  B 11-2-1988          Rotorua

Samuel William B   14-11-1997 Rotorua

Amanda Jane. 23-2-1971 Palmerston North

Married Nigel Griffin  11-4—1992 Rotorua.

Issue   Liam James B 4-2-1994

Brittany Lea, B 11-11-1997

Janice May Broad B 29-5-1942 Rotorua  Died 8-8-1988 Comax, Vancouver Island, Canada

Married Kenneth Tait 25-11-1963 Rotorua                  2nd marriage to MaryAnn

Angeline , Brendon James, Rachel.

Angeline,   B 26-4-1994 Rotorua

Married Michael Hope, 27 7 1985 Courtenay, Vancouver Is, Canada  2nd Marriage Chris Dolittle           Ontario Canada no issue to 2nd marriage

Issue, 1st marriage. Britany B 31-3-1987 Nova Scotia Canada.
          Steven Pierre, B 10-10-1989 Nova Scotia Canada.

Brendon   James  B  20-7-1966 Murupara Rotorua  Died 21 –7-1996 Murupara Rotorua.

Rachel Maree B 7-8-1967 Murupara Rotorua

Kenneth James  B 18-3-1944 Rotorua
Married Carol Moore  1969 Auckland   2nd marriage to Ngaire Kessle 3-7-1997 Rotorua  no issue
 Children Stephen and Paul

issue    Stephen     B 23-7-1970  Auckland    Married Diane Pederson Aug  1944 Rotorua     Divorced

Issue Daniell B 3-7-1997 Rotorua

Jimmy B 15-15- 1999      Rotorua
Son Jack born 2006 mother ?

Paul  B 6-11 1972        Rotorua

 Chontel  B 29- 9- 1998 Mother Linda      ?

Elaine Mary. B 3-6-1947     Rotorua

Married Clem James 30-3-1968 Wellington     Divorced

Issue Samanatha Lee, B  17-8-1971 Wellington      married   June  1999--- Sydney Australia
No issue     divorced    2nd marriage   Alexis Dobran Sydney  son Jake Stanley B.16th Dec 2007

Sharnell Lisa      B 27-9-1974 Wellington    Married Brett August   February 2004 Rotorua
Callin James B 21 2 2000                     Rotorua
 Kyle Robert    B 21 2 2000                  Rotorua

Violet Emily Lea  B Ruawai                            D 11-11-2001  Te Puke                         Te Puke  Cremated, ashes on mothers grave Old Cemetary Te Puke

Married Ronald Stradden Lea 6-6-1935 Te Puke  Ron B 23-10-1911  Died 27-6-1974 Te Puke. cremated
6 children   Eric, Nancy, Lorna, Alexander, Ivan,  Yvonne.

Eric Reginald Stradden   B 5-11-1937 Te Puke   Died  24-5-2002 Rotorua cremated

Defacto wife Anna 1961

Issue    Colleen B 18-1-1963 Rotorua
             Aileen  B 15-8-1967  Rotorua
             Ross     B 25-9-1970  Rotorua
             Rihanna B 15-9-1970 Rotorua

Nancy Esther B 28-11-1938

Married Edward Campny  21-1-1959 Te Puke
Issue Richard, Garry Ross,   Pauline Ann,  Elizabeth Grace,    Diane Jane,   Audea Christine.
Richard B 24-8-1959    Married Debbie Bourne  6-7-1979      Divorced  7-11-1983

  Belinda Pauline  B 5-9=1979   Te Puke.

           Leanne Christine  B 7-10-1981

Gary Ross  B 10-11-1961  Married Debra Frost  &-1-1983

Issue   Ross Spencer  B 30-4-1983

Lorna Constance Lea B 9-3-1945  Te :Puke     Married Richard Harnett  9-5-1964 Te Puke

Issue Dwayne Richard  B 22-11-1965

          Odele Darlene  B  4-2-1966  Married Donald Welsh  12-2-1994

           Vanessa Lorraine  B 28-10-1971    Married Arron Knotts  March 1993

Alexander Roland Stradden   B 6-11=1943 Te Puke     Married Patrica Ann Phelps  22-4—1961

Issue   Jan, Rex,  Scott .
 Jan B                        Married                                                    divorced

Rex   B 20-3-1964

Scott  B 18-9-1966

Ivan Glen Stradden   B 1-8-1946   Married Bernice Mary Kenny 1-8-1969 Te Puke

Issue  Stephan  Guy,  B 19-8-1969

            Shane Boyd B 12-3-1971

             Amy Jane B 21- 4- 1978       Died 23-2-1982

Ivans 2nd wife     Andrea Sharp  Married  6-1-1990
Issue     Melissa,B 22-12-1984   Rebecca Janine  B 12-9-1993

Yvonne Mira          B 18-10-1967 Te Puke         Married Ronald Stuart  Kenny 14-6-1969 Te Puke

Issue        Yolande Tressa B 30-1-1973   son Kane Oswald  Hughes B 19-9-93   Father Warren Hughes

                Natasha  Belinda B 7-10-1975

Stanley Lionel B 5-11-1916 Te Puke    Died 22-1-2004 Te Puke  Married Velma Joan Harris 1941 Te       Puke  Valma Died 29-6-1956 Te Puke
Issue    Marlene, Leila, Robyn,  Gavin.

Marlene Jane. B 14-6-1967    Married   (Ed)Roger Harvey   1969 Te Puke.

Issue         Rachel  B 24-10-1970    Hamilton
                 Kerry   B 17-7-1972        Hamilton      son Kobi Brian    B. June 2007  father Steven Harwood
                 Lance   B   19-3-1974      Hamilton        Married   Becky
                 Daughter B. March 2008 Nikla May

Leila  Irene B 21-8-1949 Te Puke       Married Alan Smith   26-4-1969  Te Puke      divorced       married Lester Weier  14-2-              Dalby Australia

Issue to first marriage     Jodi Marion , Michelle, Haley

  Second Marriage to Lester Weier       Australia  no issue

Issue to first marriage            Jodi Marion  B 1-3-1970   married Geoffery Strobl 12-10-1991   Australia
                                               Issue Morgan       B 13-1-1993
                                               Alexander B 7-5--1995-
   Michelle B  21-10 1995    Married Jamie Lawson  Toowoomba  Australia
                                              Issue Jamie Lawson B 24-7-1997

Haley B 3-9-1987     Father Phillip     Rottervell  

             Robyn Ivy B 12-10-1953          Te Puke          Married Stuart Coleman   1970 divorced
               No issue

            Second marriage to Graham Floyd, adopted Shannon Wayne   B 25-8-1979

        Gavin Stanley        B 12-3-1956 Te Puke Married Christine Hansen  1-10-1983 Te Puke

         Issue             Luke Benjamin B 13-1-1985  Te Puke

                                Matthew      B 25-5-1987       Te Puke
                                Jessica Nicole B 29-12-1988   Te Puke

                                 Nicki Jemma B

                    Neta       B 3-4-1919   Ruawai    died 13-9-1987 Te Puke
Married Jack Wood 24-5-1944   Jack died 1973  Te Puke

Issue   Judith, Alan , Mary

Judith Ann  B 6-6-1945 Te Puke      married Ray Neville   2nd marriage to Brian Dixon 1985 Hamilton no issue

Issue to 1st marriage Anna B 28-9-1965                     married Jonathon Brooks 26-10-1991 Hamilton

           Raymond  B 25-12-1967

Alan James B 2-7-1949 Te Puke   Married Maria Malligan Alan died 27-9-1990 Matamata  (suicide)

Issue  Rocky Malcom  B 4-8-1969

Vanessa        B 10—10-1969

Mary   B.                                                  married


   Auther Raymond. Known as Joe B 9-1-1923 Te Puke Died 29-9-1983 Tauranga

Married Zoe Claudine Harris   B 3-4-1924  M. 28-1-1943   Divorced              Died5-6-2003 Pukekohe  Buried Walkworth    Auckland
 Issue    Richard , Colin, David, Michael, Jeffery

 Joe’s  2nd wife  Ivy Wilson no issue Died             3rd wife Nina    ? no issue  Died

               Richard Alexander B 19-12-1945       Died  3-5- 1995      Hamilton. (Richard was murdered)
               Married 12-11-1972     Heather Joyce  Lee her B. 27-8-1948

             Issue  Brendon  Paul Alexander B 3-5-1979
                       Tracey  Elizabeth Joy        B11-8-1980
                       Nicola Dawn Lee              B 17-11-1981
                       Rachel Heather Ann         B  10-6-1983

             Colin Francis    B     23-6-1947    Married Marilyn Lorna Mawkes  16-12-1953
            2nd marriage to Diana Wilbur Smith 2-4-1988          

  Issue  Tania Gertrude  B 14-1-1973
                          Craig John       B  3-9-1975

David Auther     B    19-7-1948   married Janice Bray 6-6-1950
No issue

Michael Stanley B      1-8-1951              Married Ann Graham 31-7-1950

No issue

Jefferey Ivor B    14-5-1951            married Marjorie  Rowlands  16-5-1974  

Issue         Bruce Stuart B 1-3-1972    Marjorie had Bruce before she married Jeffery, he was over 2 years old, Jefferey adopted Bruce.

                 Delwyn   Joy      B 28-12-1975

After Zoe and Joe divorced      Zoe remarried, the boys took the Unsworth surname .            

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