Alexander Thomas Coffin (Long Tom)

This site is for the descendants of, Alexander Thomas Coffin, Born Nantucket Island, USA, 1813 or 1818. Son of Alexander Macy Coffin and Catherine Campbel. Whaler out of USA, Stock keeper/Sawyer in NZ. Married 1st: Mary Ainge, 24th Aug 1853, no children. Unmarried 2nd Caroline Henrietta Bathurst, Born around 1835, Greenwich, England. She moved to New Zealand 1852 (on the settler ship called the Samarang), She Died 19 October 1920 in Stratford. Buried 21 October 1920. He Died 26 July 1901 in O’Kains Bay.
1855 Alexander Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Married 1879 Sophia Dorrett Ridder. He Died 26th Oct 1935, She Died 1st Jan 1951.
1856-1856 William Henry Bathurst (Infant death)
1858 Edward James Coffin, O’Kains Bay, Un-married. Died 22nd June 1941
1860, 11th May. Henrietta Louisa Coffin, O’Kains Bay, married Robert Kean Osborn, from Jamaica b.1878
1862 Silas Augustus Bathurst, O’Kains Bay. Married Catherine Anne Phoebe Thomas. He Died 29th March 1950. She Died 13th Sept 1960. They were 1st Cousins. Her mother was Carolines sister. Silas never took on the Coffin name. His Elderly children didnt even know they were Coffins.
1864 Seth Silverneil Bathurst- Coffin, Married Harriett Elizabeth Reeve, born 20 June 1871.
1865 Philip George Bathurst – Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Elizabeth Peters. He Died 21st Nov 1951
1867 Alfred William Bathurst Coffin, O’Kains Bay. Married: Ellen Martha Rix. He Died 3rd Oct 1951. She Died 20th May 1941.
1870 Richard Uridge Bathurst – Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: Eleanor Greenfield. He Died 24th July 1943
1870 Lillian Frances Coffin. O’Kains Bay. Married: William Alfred Reeve
1872-1872 Walter Herbert Bathurst
1873 Charles Samual Bathurst/Coffin, married Ngareta Wairoa (Start of Maori Line)
1877 Peter Coffin Bathurst. O’Kains Bay. Never Married. Died 4th Oct 1895. Killed by Accidental tree falling.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tribute to those who have done the work.

I would like to thank the people who have put together so much of the family history. Without the suitcase mum had with the items Bev, Shirley, Daphney and Uncles and Aunties (also the things mum had collected herself) my interest would not have built as great as it has. Now with the Book Pam gave me to use done by her late husband Kenneth Treanor I have a lot of information to get through.
Also Waka and Paddy Coffin, Jan, and the ongoing help that Bev has given me, this site will be the most informative Coffin family site it can be.
I am aware that the work those who did before my time was harder, more foot work postage and photo copies. Now I often just have to look up a name and somethings comes up online.
I Take great care a respect to put this information together. We are lucky to have a rich historical family, that has carried on into this country. The stories are sad at times but each has shown me great character that my ancestors had. They were pioneers, war heroes, hard working salt of the land type people. They had their fare share of bad luck, loss and hardship. But they were often well known and highly thought of in their communities.
Doing this, I will do my best to make it interesting. I want it to be full of information and also images and stories. Kenneth has shown me how to do that with his work. I wish I could have met him and talked about it..



  1. Kyle, my sister showed me this website, our dad (Alfred Walter) is from the Alfred William Bathurst line and the wee house in Okains Bay is where our aunt Beverly, Dad's younger sister lived when she was first married. We grew up in the Bay and still go over to the house our grandparents (Edward Philip) lived in, it is him in the photo of the old couple with the wee boy in front of the house in the photo. Our dad is nearly 90 and now living in Lincoln.
    Trisha Coffin

  2. Hi There,
    My Name's Renee and I believe part of my family line comes from the O'Kains Bay Coffins. My Great Grandfather was Frank Coffin who moved to the Bay of Plenty to farm. The Coffin name still runs in our family. I am interested about any information you might have on Coffin's that left Okains Bay. Thanks, Renee.